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Operation Amped



Operation Amped is a charity based in California thats purpose is to help disabled veterans and veterans with PTSD grow through the art of surfing. Their original brand identity was lacking in any sort of professional design quality, so I chose this project to hopefully help spread the positivity and awareness of this great cause. As a surfer myself, and having several family members and friends who have served, or are currently serving in the military, it’s a project that is near and dear to my heart.

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I originally heard about Operation Amped while working at surf shop in my teenage years, but I soon realized that outside the surfing community they didn’t have much of a presence. They had a website that is frequently updated with news letters and surf condition, but failed to bring in proper design element to encourage people to donate or use the site more readily. For this i started by designing a completely fresh group of UX platforms, from web content to phone applications. I set out to design a look the had a calm surf vibe that also still showed the power and honor of the US military. I achieved this through selecting a color palette that refuses to placed into box. The main colors are a cool grey and a deep desaturated blue tone. This plays off the tough feel of rough seas, and the strong silent feel to pay homage to the veterans. These dark colors are combated by a soft peach to bring warmth to the design that mimics a sunrise on the sand and also contrast powerfully against the dark palette.

The App

The App is designed as a useful tool instead of just a mobile version of the website. It compiles surfing data from the coastal weather tracker Surfline, and makes it into easy to read information about the days swells, wind, and water temperature. The user can easily search a beach and find out what the conditions are like before heading out. The app then become relvant to a much larger surfing community, and hopefully leads to better reach and involvement in Operation Amped.

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The Logo

The old logo (left) Seemed to be to unclear about bringing both military and surfing together in a harmonious manor. For the new logo (right) I decided to go with a military rank insignia that turns into a wave. It’s simple, it’s modern, it’s to the point, and most importantly proudly displays the charities military background.

The Poster Series

Originally Operation Amped hadn’t had any sort of promotional material, so i felt compelled to make a poster series that would stand out with powerful imagery, and spark the curiosity of the public looking to get involved. The imagery depicts soldiers in full fatigues ready to surf, to show where they came from, what they stand for, and where they’re going. The caption reads “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Strong Sailor” in reference to learning and growing through the hardships in life and coming out a stronger person for it.

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Spreading The Word

This yearly news letter is compiled of news from the foundation, what they’re up, and how to get involved. As well as quotes from veterans about the program and their new found love of surfing.

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The Magazine Design

The goal was to make a magazine that was inspiring and also eye catching. The horizontal nature of the design allows for large-powerful imagery, as well as a nice easy read. It’s lighter and softer than the design of website so it easily stands out in the mail, and helps the word pop off the page.

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