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Gracie Jiu Jitsu — Philadelphia


Application Overview

The Gracie app is designed with the user in mind, its a simple scroll through app that starts with a list of classes, once a class is selected it tells you a brief description of the class, and the times that it’s available. From there you can book a class, or you can book a private session with with their head sensei. in addition to this you can also go through a history lesson on the origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or check out a class by difficulty.


Scrolling Schedule

The Gracie schedule page features various classes and shows you various different options, from price range, to time, to skill level.

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Advanced Class & History

The Class pages show a more lengthy description of the sessions, and goes into details about the skill level required to take the class. It also provides alternative times. The history page is an interactive scroll down time line with facts and photos.


Our Sensei

The Sensei page shows a small bio about the head sensei, and founder of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Philadelphia. It also allows you to learn more, or book a private session easily.

Gracie Desktop Mockup NA.png

The Website

The Gracie Website is designed to be as impactful as the rest of the brands design but also maintain a clean minimal design that help with the ease of the user experience. The site boast a style that pays homage to the printed works and advertisements of Gracie, but comes through with subtle changes the make it more of a pairing and less of a copy. The imagery is similar in style to that of the posters and the app, but it actually includes a touch of color instead of the pure greyscale of the other pieces. This is to create a richer blue color that is seen in the rest of the brand, but without bringing it strongly through the background and throwing off the consistent background on the type.

The Logo

The original Gracie logo (yellow) is based primarily off the triangle. The triangle is a shape the Gracie family adopted similar to a family crest, and has become synonymous with the brand. So for the new logo the goal was to keep that same recognizable imagery while at the same time elevating the style and better integrating the Philadelphia aspect. The new logo is modern clean take on the triangle, formed out of an abstracted Jiu Jitsu belt that also creates Philadelphia’s famous liberty bell It’s simple, it’s easy to read, and most importantly it’s bold and powerful, just like Gracie Jiu Jitsu.



Gracie Merchandise is designed to be functional and bold to spread the brand easily to other people, but also maintaining the perfect balance between tough and simplistic.

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