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Bacon And Kegs

Bacon And Kegs

Bacon and Kegs is a bar that specializes in American breakfast food and draft beer. For this design the goal was to create a look that felt rugged and old, but at the same time warm and inviting. The design inspiration was pulled from the looks of vintage southern dive bars and diners, and mimics that through texture, typography, and materials throughout. And come on.. who doesn’t like bacon and beer?!

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The Menu

The goal with bacon and kegs was to blend vintage diner style with the look of a dive bar. The colors are warm and inviting, but also bring in a bold presence that makes it easy to read from a distance. The menus are places on 1920s clipboards that make them tough and durable and assist in the old feel of the brand. The typography is a mixture san serif, slab serif, and serif, to create a unique eye movement throughout the design.

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Menu Closeup.png
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Menu Cover

The idea with the cover was inspired by an American traditional tattoo called a highway panther. The idea of the highway panther was to make a tattoo of a black panther so bold and big that you could see it from the highway. This is what this modified version of the logo tries to replicate, with the large pig and bold typography.

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The goal was to make a simple one page menu that looked almost like an old page of advertisements in the back of a newspaper. I was always interested in the way these pages would fight for your attention and move your eye. The concept keeps you scanning the whole menu by using changing colors and typefaces. However it remains traditional and easy understand by keeping food on the right and drinks on the left.

B&K Brewery

B&K Brewery is based off the rest of the brands identity. It’s designed to give that vintage feel without all the cliches that come with that style. It’s clean, it’s tough, and its complex. This style was designed to contrast new and old, but also give off an understated feel that helps to keep with the mellow color palette of the menus. The color palette on the beer and the growler don’t completely match however so that it keep a fresh look instead of appearing like a less complex copy.


Bacon Holster

The bacon holster was design not only because it what you’ve always dreamt of, but it’s also actually a really fuctional way to have people walk around a bar and mingle while still purchasing food. I designed the shape so that the disposable paper holster can easily slide onto the beer, but also remain secure (no one wants to loose bacon)

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